Penny muses on inter-reliance of researchers working in different stages of the research workflow. Last week our paper on capture of FAIR-ready data on…

October 2022

A week until feature freeze and a copy of our eResaerch Australasia 2022 poster
A refresher course in field logistics and digital workflows

September 2022

With graphs and many footnotes
Very busy, few words, much data

August 2022

FAIMS 3 participated in the MQ Incubator's Demo Day! Brian also takes an opportunity to respond to a blog post about HARKing, and share a few dev…

July 2022

Currently in a planning pause, so Brian is experimenting with toys
Now supporting ever more notebooks and more features!

June 2022

Groundwater sampling by Macquarie University researchers
Including a short demonstration of some of the improved notebook access controls we've developed

May 2022

On the benefits of modelling other people's data
We just ran our first focus groups for the notebook and the designer!